You love Yamato? You believe Yamabro is trans? You wanna celebrate this dashing character? This fanzine is for you!

Got any questions? Contact us below!



This zine is to shower Yamato with love. As long as he falls into the trans spec, there's no limit on how and with whom you can draw him (or them, depending on which pronouns you prefer for Yamabro). Any gender expression is welcome!
While this is a for profit zine, it's also a passion project, which means that we want to pay creators but we acknowledge that the character is pretty new and not everyone has this "headcanon".
We also would like to have as many participants as possible, as a way to support and promote your work and make friends inside the community.


We will play around with the theme of a diary and a travel journal, following a timeline: Yamato's childhood and past, the events during Wano arc and future, all AUs will be included as dreams. But it all depends on what you'd like to create for him!We are interested in creating content that goes beyond canon (meaning AUs, such as modern AU, fantasy AU, etc. are allowed). We would like to give the creators a chance to go bonkers and create any content they'd like.This zine may contain violence due to the nature of the character's background and past. We will not allow content that hypersexualizes any character, glorifies abuse, heavy gore or explicit death.Since there's a fair amount of attention in the interest check, we will have a separate NSFW zine and it will be worked on a different discord private category (for those who wish to avoid it or are minors). More explicit shipping, sexual content and dark themes may be found in this section. You can find more info about the restrictions here.This zine will contain spoilers related to Yamato and Wanokuni, it's best if you are up to date with the manga if you don't enjoy spoilers.


Q. Is the zine or digital?
The zine will be DIGITAL.
Q. Charity or profit?
We'd have decided to make the zine FOR PROFIT. It will also be split evenly between contributors and mods.
Q. Where will it be sold?
Big Cartel.
Q. Who can apply?
Illustrators, comic artists, writers and merch artists. We will create a zine and some goodies to print at home.
Q. Will ships or NSFW be allowed?
Yes! We ask contributors to keep the shipping mild for the SFW zine though, since not everyone might be interested.
We also did our best to set a few rules to avoid dysphoria and triggers. If you are 18+, you can check them out here
Q. Is there an age limit?
SFW zine will have a 16+ age restriction, while NSFW zine will be 18+. More info here about how the SFW section will be handled on Discord and social media.
Q. Can I apply for several roles?
Yes, you can, but you will receive the same amount of compensation as if you were doing one role. If you still wish to apply for several roles, be sure to let us know in the apps, and which role is your preferred one.
Q. Can I post WIPs online?
No, but during creation process and preorders we will allow a %25 sneak peek, but only after the mods have approved.
Q. Can I share it on my Patreon?
Yes. We know some people have very busy schedules so we will allow it, but please you must promote the zine too.
Q. Can I sell/post my finished pieces on social media?
Once preorders are closed and everything is sent, you can do whatever you wish with it! The only exception is Patreon.
Q. What are the requirements for artists/writers?
Please check our GUIDELINES
Q. Will the zine accept any traditional art?
Yes, as long as their art is scanned at 300 dpi in high resolution and quality.
Q. How many contributors will you take?
To make the zine more manageable, we decided to have 45 contributors.
If you can't find your answer here, message us on Twitter, Tumblr or Tellonym


Jan 7 - Feb 15: Interest check
March 20: Applications open
April 30: Applications close
May 8 Result letters sent
May 15 Deadline to confirm or deny acceptance mail
May 29: Concept Check-In
June 26: 1nd Check-In
July 24: 2nd Check-In
August 28: 3nd Check-In
Sept 4: Final submission
Nov 20: Preorders open
January 1: Preorders close



  • - General understanding of composition, anatomy, lighting and color.

  • - Interactions with characters and elaborated backgrounds will be appreciated, at least for single page, spread page and comics.

  • - 3-5 finished pieces


  • - Ability to tell an interesting story within 1500 words (can be snippets from longer fics) submited via google docs or AO3.

  • - Good grammar and variety of english vocabulary

  • - 3-5 finished pieces


  • Creators will be asked to consider a few small steps to make formatting easier for mods, such as using a specific color profile and sizes or avoiding indents and extra spaces between paragraphs (they will be added later on).

  • We know many contributors will have a very tight schedule, so they will be allowed to post on Patreon or Ko-fi membership process and final piece, but ALWAYS promoting the zine.


  • - You can write 1500-5000 words, either one story or several short ones! If you would like to write more, there will likely be enough space for you to do so.

  • - If you have an artist you'd like to collab with and you both get in, let us know then!


  • - You will work side by side with a writer(s) to create several simple pieces. Since the theme is a travel log, it could be doodle looking art and/or polaroid style. In both cases it would be black and white and one color.


  • - We ask artists to do 1+ original illustrations with any theme and Yamato. Canon compliant, AUs, What-ifs...


  • - Comic artists can draw between 1-4 pages.


  • - Since this will be a digital zine, we would like to give print at home a chance!

  • - Phone and computer wallpapers, stickers, stickers sheets, coloring pages, 3D papercraft character cut-out, icons/emotes... We will welcome any new ideas too!

  • - 2-3 things may be expected from one artist, it will be decided depending on what you want to do from your applications.

  • - They will be available as stretchgoals!

  • Every contributor will be asked to do the bare minimum. If you want to shower Yamabro with lots of lovely content, we are more than happy to set it up, but keep in mind that everyone will be paid the same amount.

  • As mentioned on the intro, we would like to use this project as a way to reach out to other artists (who are either LGBTQ+ or allies) and create a supportive community and a place to promote our work!


The zine will most likely include canon-verse, what-ifs and AUs and will all be formatted as a diary and travel log!Here's a small list of things of what we'll accept in the zine regarding how to represent Yamato!- Muscles: Muscular body type allowed, or following canon. Such as slim arms or buff arms, etc
- Breasts or surgery scars, but no genderbend, since many could find it offensive. Breasts need to be drawn respectfully (we wanna underline this cos it could be easily fall into fetish)
- Any type of clothing is allowed, clothes have no gender after all.


We decided to go for a For-Profit DIGITAL zine. We want to support our contributors and reward them for all their hard work!
Every contributor will receive the SFW digital zine and an even split of profits. Adults will also receive the NSFW version, unless requested otherwise.


You MUST have permission to use an adults Paypal for monetary compensation. If you do not have permission, you will still receive a digital copy of the SFW portion of the project, and your compensation will be donated to a charity of your choice. Please be honest with the mods for your personal safety.
All NSFW artists will be working in private channels on discord, and those channels will be age verified, if you're a minor working on our project, please do NOT attempt to view those channels, if we find out you violate the rules, we'll have no choice but to remove you, the minor from our project.
There are also high chances of SFW creators having 18+ socials presences, and it's the minor and their parent's responsibility to not be following them. Any possible complaints about getting notification on NSFW art from our artists from minors will be counted as violating our rules and policies, and we will also have no choice but to remove you, the minor from our project.


Information for adults, click here